b'100% Wool Felt Alpaca FeltPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINMade with an advanced grade 100%Special blend of alpacabers and wool feltwool, consisting of 80% virginbers Incredible softness, cushion and Felt is pressed for better compression exibility while retaining durabilityrebound and a much longer life Split, contoured design conforms Superior ability to disperse pressure,to the horses natural toplinewick away moisture and diffuse heat Cutout over withers reduces rubbingContoured, super soft, and pliableAFP340C283/428 X 30with cutout over withers so it naturally $199.99conforms to the horses backGFP120C301/230 X 32 AFP340C303/430 X 3230 X 32Fits most barrel saddles GFP120C321/231 X 32 AFP340C323/431 X 32Recommended by World Champion Barrel Racer Sherry Cervi $219.99$199.9931 X 32Fits most roping saddles GFP340C283/428 X 30 AFP100C30130 X 32$259.99 AFP100C32131 X 32 $249.99GFP340C303/430 X 32GFP340C323/431 X 32 $279.99GFP780C287/828 X 30 Blended Felt$269.99 Quality wool felt that stays soft for GFP780C307/830 X 32 the life of the pad and provides long GFP780C327/831 X 32 lasting protection against shock$319.99Cut out over withers and contoured tot GFP100C30130 X 32 the horses back with a split design that GFP100C32131 X 32 allows the pad to move with the horse $349.99 Designed to be used alone or with a blanketCBFP340C3/431 X 32 $129.99100% Wool Felt / Fleece CBFP100C131 X 32$149.99 NEW Made with an advanced grade 100% wool, consisting of 80% virginbersFelt is pressed for better compression rebound and a much longer lifeSuperior ability to disperse pressure, SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSwick away moisture and diffuse heatContoured, super soft, and pliable with cutout over withers so it naturallyBlended Felt / Fleececonforms to the horses back100% merinoeece bottom wicks moisture andFelt provides protection against provides maximum comfort to the horses back saddle pressure and shockGFPF120C301/230 X 32 Natural wool wicks heat and moisture GFPF120C321/231 X 32 away for year-round comfortSplit design moves with the horses back, $279.9966 reducing friction during performance 67GFPF340C283/428 X 30 CBFPF340303/430 X 30$319.99 CBFPF340333/431 X 33GFPF340C303/430 X 32 $139.99GFPF340C323/431 X 32 CBFPF10033131 X 33$149.99$369.99GFPF100C30 130 X 32GFPF100C32 131 X 32 $439.99'