b'Classic Wool TopPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINTop layer is a heavy, custom weave 100%Conforms to the horses back wool blanket that is long lasting and durable while maintaining density3/4 orthopedic grade felt bottomConvenient one-pad system soaks up moisture, allowing heat toperfect for all disciplinesdissipate away from the horses back Oil tan wear leathers32 x 34 34 x 38CWTP321$149.99 CWTP341 $149.99CHESTNUT/ BLACK/LEMON BUCKSKINGREY/ BUCKSKIN/ROYAL OCEANOCEAN/ COFFEE/CREAM REDSADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSSAND/ CHARCOAL/AQUA MALIBU62 63photo: RodeoReadyTURQUOISE/ NAVY/HONEY CHESTNUTPADEN BRAYNFR Average Champion3 Time NFR Quali erThe American Champion Heeler'