b'Square Neck Rope Jerkline Bit HobbleSUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDS NOTHING COMES CLOSEThe Square Neck Rope is square braided forO ring braided in the hobble for the jerkline more body and structure, with adjustableto go through. Flat braid rope. Black.knots and sliding honda. Black/Tan. CRJLBHBKCRNRSQBKTN $15.99 $32.99Quick Tie Neck Rope Premium JerklineEasy on/off application with self-tieThe Premium Jerkline is 19-1/2 long and 7/16 in closure. Flat braid rope. Black. diameter, with an ideal weight. Made of 48 strand CRNRQTBK poly sleeve material and braided nylon core. Red. $42.99 CRPJL $69.99ROPING GEAR ROPING GEARHorn Knot JerklinePackage of six (three red / three blue). The Jerkline is 17 long and 1/2 in diameter. Red.HKNOT6 CRJL $35.99$32.9930 RED 31BLUE'