b'SADDLE PADS Cashel Trail PadENJOY THE RIDE ENJOY THE RIDEMade for the ranch or trail, with orthopedic From training to the trail or arena,grade blended wool with a felt bottom. The there is a Cashel saddle pad tocontoured shapets to your horses back right away with a wither hole for comfort. Useit by itself or add a navajo liner underneatht every need. With a complete line of quality liners and pads,for added support and extended life.there is a solution to every horseSize: 31 x 34enthusiasts needs with greatSA-CTP 1 quality and affordability. $179.99Performance Felt Pad Felt PadThe split design moves with the horsesSplit design moves with your horses back, back, reducing friction. Made of 3/4 naturalreducing friction on the trail or in the arena. Made felt that provides protection against saddleof natural felt that provides protection against pressure and shock. Natural wool wicks heatsaddle pressure and shock. Natural wool wicks heat and moisture away for year round comfort. and moisture away for year-round comfort. Grey.Size: 31 x 33 Size: 31 x 32CSPFGREY CSFP343/4SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADS$109.99 CSFP1 1 $109.99 BLACK, WHITE$149.99 280 281GREY BLACK WHITE'