b'Bucket Strap Aqua ShieldENJOY THE RIDE ENJOY THE RIDEA simple tool that allows you to hang bucketsThis handy little foam cuff with a hook-and-loop without the need for additional straps or snaps.closure wraps around your wrist and keeps water Made of heavy nylon with a quality snap.away from your body. Black. Made in USA.Attaches to gates, temporary stalls, trailers,Size: 2-3/8 wide.etc. Also great to use as cross-tie extenders, and come in handy when you need to hangASWWtack and stay organized. 1 wide. Black. $9.99Sizes: 20, 28LDL-EA$7.99NEWTriple Shock Cord Leather PunchPerfect for the barn, trailer, high line or anywhereRepair tack and manage other projects around horses need to be tied. Heavy duty constructionthe barn. The Leather Punch has six punches with slight elasticity gives to pressure. A quickin one handy tool, with a comfortable grip release safety snap clips to the halter, with aand easy gliding squeeze mechanism.large attachment snap on the other end. LPUNCHSizes: 32, 48, 60$25.99TA-TSC $29.99BARN ACCESSORIES BARN ACCESSORIESStall Panel Screen Hook-and-Loop BrushThe solution to blocking livestock sight toA must have for every tack room, the prevent con ict. Black mesh screentsstrong brass bristles clean and rejuvenate standard sized panels to line an arena, roundclosures without damaging them. Grey.pen, or stall. Multiple brass grommets forVBadjustment and installation, with reusable/ $5.99releasable black zip ties included. Black.258 259Sizes: 112 x 44, 136 x 44TA-SPS10 112 X 44$75.99TA-SPS12 136 X 44$77.99'