b'AMonel Stirrup Stirrup Hobbles I JStainless bound wood with leather lining Set of 2THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPA. MONEL4-I4 DEEP SkirtingI. SHSNTNATURAL$199.99SHSCSCHESTNUTEngraved Aluminum Stirrup SHSCHCHOCOLATE $29.99Hand engraved aluminum with leather treadB. SEALUM3 3 DEEP Roughout NATURAL NATURALC. SEALUM2 2 DEEP J. SHRONTNATURALSHROCSCHESTNUT$159.99 SHROCHCHOCOLATEHand engraved aluminum with rubber tread$29.99D. SEALUM2RT2 DEEPB C D $79.99Engraved Aluminum Flat Bottom StirrupHand engraved aluminum with leather tread. Made in USA. CHESTNUT CHESTNUTE. SEFB151.5 DEEP $159.99Engraved Aluminum Oxbow StirrupHand engraved aluminum with leather treadF. SEALUMOB1141.25 DEEP $159.99Aluminum Stirrup CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATEAluminum with rubber tread, extra wideE F G. SALUM2W2 DEEP $113.99Rubber Replacement Tread Replacement FendersH. SALUM2TI2 STANDARD Whether you need to replace fenders on aKSALUM3TI2 EXTRA WIDE trophy saddle you purchased, on a saddle youreNEWSADDLE ACCESSORIES SADDLE ACCESSORIES$9.99 selling, or if youre just looking to upgrade, these replacement fenders are a sure bet. Theyre made from our top-grade leather with craftsmanship you can trust to go the extra mile on every ride. Made for Roper saddles only.K. FENDERROPER $279.99G218 219H'