b'THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPLaramie: Chocolate Bandera: HarnessNEW Chocolate roughout leather withNatural harness leather with Laramie buckles and bit ties Bandera buckles and bit ties NEWBrowband Headstall Browband HeadstallHB141LAL HB21BNLNEW $149.99 $149.99 Split Ear Headstall Split Ear HeadstallHI141LAL HI21BNL NEW$79.99 $79.99Canyon: Harness Deadwood: HarnessNatural harness leather withNatural harness leather with Canyon buckles and bit ties Deadwood buckles and bit tiesBrowband Headstall Browband HeadstallHB21CNL HB21DWLNEW$149.99 $149.99NEWSplit Ear Headstall Split Ear HeadstallHI21CNL HI21DWLHEADSTALLS HEADSTALLS$79.99 $79.99NEW NEW196 197'