b'THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPKyle Archino Ken BrayWeathered Antiqued Mini Basket Floral TooledNatural skirting leather with weatheredNatural skirting leather with Floral tooling antiquing and Mini Basket stamp. Headstallsand dark framed edges. Headstalls have cart buckles and bit ties. have cart buckles and bit ties.STRAP SETS STRAP SETS2 Breastcollar 2 BreastcollarBC20021MBWA BC20021FTDE $209.99 $229.99Browband Headstall Browband HeadstallHBB21MBWA HBB21FTDE$149.99$179.99Slip Ear Headstall Slip Ear HeadstallHFB21MBWA HFB21FTDE176 177$129.99 $139.99'