b'Goostree SimplicityPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINBarrel Bits Simplicity bits are designed for light-mouthed horses that need moreex with added control. These bits enforce naturalexion and rate Carol Goostree is a true barrel racinggoing into a turn and are great transitioning legend and has been a trusted name intools for young horses that are ready to add more speed as they advance. Simplicity bits bits for many years. She is a former Worldare trusted by some of the most successful Champion and has provided the westernbarrel racers in the world. 5 shank.industry with the highest quality bits,GTSBIToriginal in design and ridden by some$76.99of the best barrel racers in the world.B. GTSBIT12TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEWe are proud to bring you some of theC. GTSBIT13DR BRISTOLD. GTSBIT30CHAINmost successful designs in the line. E. GTSBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLEB C D ECG Simplicity IIThe CG bit is one of therst bits CarolSimplicity II bits encourage naturalexion with designed. She developed this bit especiallytheir balanced gag action. Designed for light-for her champion mount Dobre in the latemouthed horses that need moreex and added seventies. The chain snaf e mouthpiece and shortcontrol in the turn without restriction. 5 shank.gag action make this bit soft and forgiving in aGTSIIBIThorses mouth. Horses tend to feel comfortable$76.99in this bit and show a lot of response without overreacting. It helps add control in the turns,F. GTSIIBIT12TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEBARREL BITS BARREL BITSand support and correct an overly bendy horse.G. GTSIIBIT13DR BRISTOLThe CGs 5-1/2 weighted shanks add moreH. GTSIIBIT30CHAINfeel and encourages a proper headset. I. GTSIIBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLEGTCGBIT$76.99A. GTCGBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLE112 A F G H I 113'